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Deep calls to deep at the sound of Thy waterfalls (Psalm 42:7) Deep to Deep

Deep to Deep has been running since 1997 (the inaugural meeting was near Sevenoaks, Kent on 22 November 1997), normally with two or three meetings each year. The most recent gatherings were at Camberley, Surrey, North London(October 2002), Bognor Regis, West Sussex (June 2002), Bedworth, near Nuneaton (March 2002) and South West Birmingham (September 2001).

In December 2000, we met at at Hither Green Baptist Church in Lewisham, South East London, in December 2000. A separate page gives a fuller account of the December 2000 gathering.

Before that, during the Summer of 2000, we had a couple of events where we gathered together for some food and fellowship (Eat to Eat?) and we had also had another playing meeting at Burgess Hill Baptist church in West Sussex on Saturday 8 April 2000. A more comprehensive report on that day is available on a separate page, along with a summary of one of the teaching seminars. You can also visit Graham Hollebon's page for some pictures.

Prior to that, we had met Saturday 4 September 1999 at Hither Green Baptist Church, Lewisham, London. Eight of us gathered together for a programme that went from African drumming to acapella singing (with a fair amount of bass playing in between). Again, a more comprehensive report is available on a separate page.

Motley CrewBefore that, we had previously met at Burgess Hill Baptist Church in February 1999 - we seem to be alternating between these two venues but will hopefully break out of the rut sometime soon. Again, eight musicians gathered together representing the whole gamut of skill and experience from would-be bassist to seasoned pro.

After saying hello and spending a little while in prayer we ran though a couple of seminars. I talked about riff-based playing and how it could fit in the context of a church service; Steve Lawson ran through major and minor pentatonic scales. Some of this information has been summarised in a Virtual Lesson.

Lunch was fun, as always. Not only was it another chance to eat, but also to try out some of the gear that had been brought along. My top picks were the amazing Ashdown 10" combo, a Yamaha TRB-5P and a genuine Steinberger.

We brought the afternoon to an end by jamming round on a few worship songs. I don't think we missed much by not recording the session, but it was great to be part of it.

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