Sei Bass

Sei Flamboyant

The star of my bass collection is a gorgeous Sei Flamboyant - a six string, headless model, with Bartolini electronics.

The bass has through neck construction but the amboina facing covers the full front of the body. The wings are made from maple and the neck itself is a sandwich of wenge and maple. I had coil taps put in when I bought it in 2002 and, in 2010, I had an active bypass option added as well.

For more details about Sei basses, visit The Gallery website. Note that for my custom bass I almost had a Synergy built instead but we had some problems finding the wide headless bridge I was after; however, you might also be interested in the Synergy Custom Bass website.

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General background
I'm currently involved with the following bands and projects:
Deep to Deep
Gathering for christian bassists

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