Deep to Deep - October 2005

Deep calls to deep at the sound of Thy waterfalls (Psalm 42:7) Deep to Deep

The meeting in October 2005 was held at Belper Baptist Church in Belper, Derbyshire on Saturday 8 October. If you want pictorial evidence, there's a small gallery available with a few pictures from the day.

It looked like it might be a fairly quiet meeting, with just Jonny and Ken (the 'home crowd') and myself there at the start, so we pressed on with the short devotion that Jonny had prepared (available on the Worship Released website). However, it wasn't too long after we'd finished that John and his crew (Joel, Anthony and Ian, plus assorted others who took a day trip in the area while we were playing bass) rolled up and we were able to get cracking.

Throughout the day, we covered a range of areas. As well as jamming around on a couple of well known contemporary worship songs (Jesus Be the Centre and Light of the World) we also talked about subjects including effecte strategies for remembering what you've played (eg. recording, transcription, etc) and how to understand and use chords in bass playing.

I also talked about open tunings on bass. I demonstrated the arrangement of Thine be the Glory I've been working on in DADF# tuning and also demonstrated how tuning the strings differently can help you step outside your normal range of patterns and discover new approaches that can be applied even when returning to a more standard set up.

Finally, I should also mention that we enjoyed excellent fish and chips from George's Tradition - a sure sign that we're in the 21st Century when even chippies have their own websites!

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