Deep to Deep - June 2003

Deep calls to deep at the sound of Thy waterfalls (Psalm 42:7) Deep to Deep

Andy and the NS StickThat's Andy Long over on the left, host of the June 2003 Deep to Deep, held at Duckpool Road Baptist Church in Newport, South Wales on Saturday 28 June, 2003.

He was joined for an afternoon of bass playing and fellowship by Ed, Harvey, Steve, Tim and Wulf (and of course, not forgetting Jackie, Joel and Jane who helped with the hospitality) - many thanks to all who came along.

The scary looking instrument in his hands is an NS Stick-Bass - eight strings, tuned B - E - A - D - G - C - F - Bb, and a low action making it great for developing two handed tapping licks as well as playing like a more typical bass. Other gear represented included a range of basses from companies like Yamaha (BBN5), Fender (Jazz bass), Sei (Flamboyant) and Cort (TM Stevens Funk Machine) and various amps including lots of Ashdowns.

After having some lunch, we started off with a session led by Wulf, talking about the role of the bassist in a worship team, under the headings 'Look, Listenand Learn'. For extra preaching points, he also managed to squeeze in three subpoints - 'Bass, Bible and Beyond' - alliteration all afternoon!

Andy then took over with a demo of his stick bass, which mutated into conversation and plenty of opportunity to try out each other's gear. Later we reconvened to watch a short video of Andy's band and for Tim to lead a discussion on practise ideas.

More trying things out followed and we then finished the afternoon by jamming through a few songs (breaking all the rules about eye contact laid down by Wulf earlier!... but that's what happens if you're playing unfamilar songs with an unfamilar group).

Great fun was had by all and another event should be happening before too long. Below are some more pictures from the day:

Six string bass lesson

Andy gives Ed a demo of a six string bass


Harvey gets wild

Eye Contact

Tim and Harvey work on eye contact

Andy plays Wulf's Fretless

Andy again, this time on Wulf's fretless six string

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