A Summary of Cell Life

The Group

HGBC cell groups were built around seven core values:

  1. Jesus in the Middle - First and foremost we live for Jesus
  2. Every Member in Ministry - Using the gifts God has given them
  3. Every Member Growing - In depth of knowledge and love of God
  4. Multiplication - Looking to see more cell groups so that more of the lost might be reached
  5. Sacrificial Love - Loving each other as Jesus loves us
  6. Honesty - Creating a place where we feel secure in sharing who we really are
  7. Community - Learning to support one another in grief and joy

Members were asked how they felt they were doing on these things? How could they improve? How could they help others in the group?

The Meeting

Among other activities, the groups met once a week in a house belonging to one of the members. This meetings started at 8:00pm and finished at 9:30pm. The first part of the programme began at 8:15pm. Those unable to attend or arrive on time were asked to pass a message to the host or leader, preferably with advance notice.

The meeting needed a host to provide refreshments and to usher people in and out, and consisted of four phases:

Members were asked which of these areas they felt they could organise or assist in organising?

Pastoral Care

The cell group was the primary way in which Hither Green Baptist Church delivered pastoral care. This involves prayer, availability, contact and example. A pastoral care relationship is one in which you pray for someone, are available for them to contact you, you contact them every week or two and your life can set them an example of how to grow in their Christian walk.

Members were asked:

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