Deep to Deep - March 2005

Deep calls to deep at the sound of Thy waterfalls (Psalm 42:7) Deep to Deep

The March 2005 Deep to Deep was hosted by Tim Childe at Hasbury Christian Fellowship (south west of Birmingham) on Saturday 5 March. Thanks to all who attended - snowy weather looked like it might throw a spanner in the works but, in the end, it turned out to be a decent day and everyone who was expected arrived (and got home) safely. Below are some photos from the day (the group shot is a bit too wide for this website layout but gives you plenty of detail):

Scary Bass Swap Dan Jams The Motley Crew Special Guest: Norm Stockton

Having introduced ourselves (as always, it was a mixture of old and new faces) we got cracking on working together on a range of subjects. Areas we covered this time included:

  1. Noodling - with the help of my trusty DL-4, I demonstrated the fine art of noodling!
  2. Different Styles - using Norm Stockton's Grooving for Heaven DVDs (thanks, Norm, for permission to use them) we explored a range of playing styles, learning about the essential components of different idioms and trying them on a range of worship songs. We concluded that this is a great thing to try but does does need to be done in co-operation with the rest of your group for best effect.
  3. In the Hands - we tested the theory that the sound is all in the hands by taking turns to play a simple C major scale on the same bass and amp setup. There was definitely a difference - factors like left and right hand technique make a big difference, as well as the overall confidence with which you approach the instrument.
  4. Gear Test - as well as the general playing around with the various equipment represented, we looked at how my Sansamp Bass Driver DI worked with a range of basses. Interestingly, while it made a significant difference with my Sei bass (active), the benefit was neglible on Tim's passive bass and actually seemed to clean rather than fatten the sound on Dan's J-bass clone. That's why it's essential to use your gear when testing additions to your rig!

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